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Reeducation center

The Rehabilitation Center at the Avicenne Clinic is for people who have had an accident, who have had an operation, or who are affected in their health by various conditions that require musculoskeletal, neurological or polyvalent rehabilitation. before returning home and to work.
The center focuses on a holistic approach to the person and interdisciplinary care. By practicing personalized care, a team of rehabilitation professionals makes every effort to ensure that patients recover their previous faculties or the highest degree of autonomy possible.
For those staying at the center, they are welcomed at the clinic where they occupy comfortable rooms, with one or two beds, equipped with modern infrastructures and means of communication. They have quality hotel services.
The proposed treatment program is then defined and the steps of it are discussed. This personalized program is then put into practice with the interdisciplinary team and adapted according to the progress made.
The application of the different appropriate treatment methods, combined with the medical-technical equipment available at the center, contributes to the expected progress and thus to the rapid steps towards the restoration of autonomy, in order to ensure the return to home and the resumption of activities.


After amputation of a limb,
Accidents and diseases resulting from the practice of a sport,
Occupational diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
Following the preliminary medical assessment and goal setting, the established treatment program uses the different techniques provided by the center:

occupational Therapy
Techniques of mobilization and displacement,
Muscle building and re-training,
Relaxation techniques,
Techniques of control and treatment of pain,
Adaptation of apparatus and splints.
Musculoskeletal rehabilitation The center welcomes all persons with musculoskeletal disorders, particularly in the following situations:

After placing a knee prosthesis, hip or shoulder,
After another orthopedic intervention,
Consequences of accident or trauma intervention, degenerative, metabolic or inflammatory disorders of the musculoskeletal system (osteoarthritis, arthritis, tendon and muscle diseases),
After neuro-orthopedic intervention on the cervical or dorso-lumbo-sacral spine, for example disc herniation operation,
Pain in the back or limbs

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